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First sign of life

ice-walk posted on 06 Jan 2013, 21:14 GMT
Day 43, Saturday 5th Jan: During Saturday he pushed hard from the morning in a day surprisingly warm and windless. He passed 88°30’S in plenty of sastugi but as he got to 88°35’S it started to ease off! He immediately upend his pace and did well over 6km during the last 2 hours ending the day in blissfully flat area and 24,28km closer to the Pole which is now a mere 150km away!
nWell into the tent he suddenly heard a plane overhead! It was like a UFO from outer space and the first hint of other people for 43 days! It was great! Up until now he has refused to focus on anything other than keeping the pressure on and not think of what’s next or what’s at the South Pole. But this sound changed that. Suddenly the pole seems so close and it gave him a lot to think about.
nBut first, his stomach is not all well so that has to be fixed. It could be due to the altitude and for pushing hard. He was not sure. But he melted his water, and after dinner put the 6 bottles with hot water on his stomach. It felt like heaven. Lets hope it is better tomorrow. Running to the toilet in -30°C and wind is not enjoyable…

Polar Plaateau,Antarctica
On Ice
Partly Cloudy
46 km
-88.6517 / -79.9713


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